The Puzzle

The Puzzle

The Puzzle’s Secret

The secret to unlocking the Cross Puzzle lies in considering the following steps:

1. Jesus said that if He would be lifted up from the earth, He would draw all men unto Himself.
John 12:32

Jesus was lifted up on the cross and died there for the sins of all mankind.

(Stand the Cross Puzzle upright)

2. Jesus was laid down into the grave, taking our sins with Him.

(Lay the Cross Puzzle down)

3. God accepted the death of his son Jesus as a sacrifice that would cleanse us and wash away our sins.
Romans 5:12-21

(Spin the Cross Puzzle rapidly about its center as in a washing machine.)

4. But Jesus rose from that grave and triumphed over sin and death!
John 11:25-26

Now just lift the top piece!

 Still Baffled?

Watch How to Solve the Cross Puzzle

If you still can’t get the secret, this video will help. I really hate to spoil the exhilaration of discovering the secret on your own from the clues provided – but don’t feel bad, if you need to watch the video: