The CrossPuzzle

The CrossPuzzle is a beautiful, wooden puzzle that you can’t get apart by your own efforts. It is a tactile, evangelism tool that illustrates the central core of the Gospel – that we are saved by God’s grace, not by our works. It provides a non-offensive way to start spiritual conversations with strangers or friends of all ages. The Pocket CrossPuzzle starts at $5 per cross.

The Puzzle

What is the Cross Puzzle?

The CrossPuzzle is a wood puzzle in the shape of a cross that has a simple, yet hidden solution. Used as an evangelism tool, it is a useful way to point people to Christ. No matter how hard you pull, no matter how much force you use, the puzzle can’t be unlocked by one’s own effort. However, once you know the way to open the puzzle, it unlocks effortlessly.


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The Classic CrossPuzzle is made of beautiful, handcrafted, solid cherry 8-1/2 inches high. Each comes with a matching hardwood display base which holds the cross and the colorful instruction sheet. They are great for use in groups for sermon illustrations and will provide a handsome and engaging conversation piece for the fireplace mantel or display table.

The Pocket CrossPuzzle is made of beechwood and has a small form factor, 4-1/8” high, that allows it to be carried in the pocket or purse, so it is readily available as a conversation starter. It comes in a clear, re-openable plastic clamshell along with instructions.

Around The World

Crosses to Class

Hello Ken,

I am a Sophomore at an art school in Pennsylvania. I was given one of your small cross puzzles while doing Light the night with my youth group this past October 31st.

I took it to my high school and showed it to several friends in some of my classes. I was able to share the gospel while having fun with the puzzle. To my surprise in the middle of my history class, my teacher (who is clearly not a believer) asked me to stand up and explain to the class what I had been showing a few classmates before class.

I was able to stand up and clearly share the gospel using your puzzle. While I was sharing one of the male students asked, “So basically you are saying we are all sinners?” My reply, “Yes, everyone is, and we struggle with it our entire lives. But just like this puzzle, God created the perfect solution by sending His Son, Jesus to pay for our sins on a cross.”

I am a quiet person, yet I was not nervous, and the words just flowed. After I was through the class just sat quietly. My teacher thanked me, and I sat down. I was grateful to be given this unbelievable opportunity to share the good news!

I will keep using this tool whenever I am able.
Thank you and Merry Christmas,

— Ava

Crosses to Haiti

Packaging 200 Creole-language CrossPuzzles for Haiti

Crosses Across China

For Easter 2019, my broker in Qingdao, China, put this message on WeChat. It was quite a risky and brave thing to do on this Chinese government-controlled version of Facebook. He was announcing the free give-away of 500 of the CrossPuzzles.

Free gift from the Yishu Family Home

Why send out such a gift?
Because of love.
Because God loved us first.
Because this love is so beautiful, we can’t fail to pass it on.
So, Mr. Ken Rutt, the designer of the CrossPuzzle, and Mr. Zhang Jian, the producer of the puzzle, decided to provide this gift so that the cross, which contains the mysteries of the gospel, could be known and used by more people, creating the opportunity for more people to get the gospel.
Therefore, we hope that you are:
A Christian;
Willing to share the gospel;
Willing to use this gift to bring good news to more people!

Figure 2 Cross Distribution in China